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How to Prepare for World Class Treks by Di Westaway HARD COPY

Wild Women On Top: How To Prepare For World Class Treks compiles the best training techniques to assist you in preparing your mind and body for your world class trek. Written specifically for women, it shows you how to build your confidence and then achieve dreams you never thought possible. It's about women achieving extraordinary goals, using proven techniques and strategies.

What they say about How To Prepare For World Class Treks...

Having come to virtually all the same conclusions the hard way... I can’t recommend this book highly enough to anyone contemplating a grand adventure of their own. It will minimize your risk of succumbing to the dreaded vagaries of altitude (or worse still, attitude sickness!) and maximize the level of enjoyment you stand to derive from the experience of being, quite literally, HIGH!” Sorrel Wilby

"This is a practical book - packed with tips learnt on the trail that will prepare you for fun and adventure in the most wild, remote and high places. But it is the Golden Rules and, above-all-else, the photographs, that capture the spiritual heart of the Wild Women experience which empowers ordinary women to join together and reconnect with the joy of intense physical activity in challenging and beautiful natural environments." Julie McCrossin, Journalist, Broadcaster and Wild Woman.

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